Wong: Vaccine , a Human Right

Friday 22 October 2021

Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Hon. Jelta Wong  has  declared that vaccine is a human right  that  can  prolong the health  and lives of every Papua New Guinean.

“Being  vaccinated is about people’s right to live and it is about the Christian morals of keeping a brother and sister safe and doing what is morally right to ensuring  longevity in the health and future of our people.”

Mr Wong emphasises that   vaccines reinforce  the right to freedom and self-determination, adding,  “when people are vaccinated there is no need for lockdowns so businesses stay open and we can all do our part to keep the economy alive.”

He admits, personal choice and civil liberties are fundamental pillars of democracy however, “personal choice and civil liberties are not a licence to risks the lives and safety of others and endanger our society.”

“If  a personal choice  creates a public heath and safety threat, then it is no longer about civil liberties or a personal rights.

“If you become a threat to public safety ,then Leaders must intervene and protect our society,” he said.

Mr Wong cautioned of the delta outbreak in the country  and urged citizens to get vaccinated now before it gets worse.

“We must all think and act wisely.”

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