Wong: COVID- 19 continues to be a threat in country

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Minister for Health  and HIV/AIDS, Hon.  Jelta Wong  told Parliament this morning that the threat of COVID – 19 in the country is still in existence.

“We are ensuring that the new normal must be applied to by all  citizens as the new variant is still a threat to the populous in the country,” Minister Wong said.

“The government has put policies in place to ensure that we carry on with life so that the ‘Niupla Pasin’ will now go into a new way of living and we must live with the knowledge that Covid- 9 is still in existence within our country

“Isolation centers will still be open for those that are confirmed on contracting the virus and also for suspected cases,” he added.

He further encouraged the citizens to be vary of Covid – 19 because different variants and mutations are continuing to be  enraged in some countries  in the world and Papua New Guinea  has  to be very alert to ensure those  variants do  not spread into the country.

Meanwhile, Mr Wong  stated that the National Covid Centre (NCC) will be transitioning into a public health safety authority from what it is now and the Controller’s position will go back into a public health and safety position.

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