West Sepik seeks help to manage COVID-19

Thursday 2 September 2021 

HEALTH authorities in West Sepik are seeking help  from the National Coordination Centre to manage the COVID-19 pandemic,  as the number of cases rise

The West Sepik Provincial Health Authority   has  proposed   a  second  provincial lock-down or a partial lockdown to prevent a possible second surge of COVID-19 cases. Its first lock-down was early this year when it had its first surge. 

Director for WSP Public Health and Incident Manager Dr Trevor Kelebi said in a situation report submitted to the National Coordination Centre , that the six-bed isolation ward at the Sandaun Provincial Hospital was full throughout the month of August, and is managed by one health extension officer and a junior nursing staff and need added clinical manpower support. 

“We are advocating for a provincial lock-down during Provincial Control Centre (PCC) or a partial lockdown with strict compliance to Niupela Pasin, vaccination and mandatory swabbing,’’ said Dr Kelebi. 

West Sepik has so far confirmed a total of 594 positive cases of which seven died, including two in the month of August, and  the number is expected to rise in the coming weeks. 

“It is also difficult to know the real situation in the province now due to low testing, especially with swabbing hesitancy which poses a challenge to effective contact tracing. 

“The other big challenge facing West Sepik’s response to COVID-19 lies in high hesitancy towards vaccination and lack of adherence to Niupela Pasin. 

“A total of 490 vials (10 doses per vial) of AstraZeneca vaccines were received on 22 April 2021 which expired on the 29th of July, 2021 and additional 200 were received in early August which will expire on 30 September, 2021,’’ he added. 

Dr Kelebi further   said that  all health facilities and business houses attempts to strengthen the ‘no mask, no entry’ policy at all entry points remains a challenge due to  social media critics having a big influence on the public. 

Meanwhile, the  Sandaun Provincial Inter-Agencies and the Provincial Health Authority have  submitted the West Sepik Surge Plan on August 4, 2021 to NCC and relevant government agencies. 

Dr Kelebi  has further proposed a new isolation and quarantine site  for the WSP PHA, to be constructed on state land, due the province’s   close proximity to the border with Indonesia and the threat of current or future outbreaks of epidemics or pandemics. 

The WS PHA is currently  renting  a private property for quarantine and isolation for COVID-19 asymptomatic or mild cases with their contacts which  is not sustainable. 

The Deputy Controller  of  the National Pandemic Response, Dr Esorom  Daoni,  in response  said he  had  received  the WS PHA report  and will be providing support to the PHA. 

An  Emergency Medical Team is now being put together with the clinical management and the Emergency Medical Team clusters at the NCC, consisting  of an emergency specialist doctor, four clinical nurses and an Infection Prevention Control (IPC) nurse to support the PHA team respond to the surge. 

Dr Daoni  also confirmed that WHO has three staff already on the ground in Vanimo to support the PHA. 

“We will support the WS PHA team to respond to the current surge. Some of the positive samples have been sent to Melbourne for genome sequencing which will confirm whether they are delta variant cases. 

“I strongly urge all the PHAs to be prepared for any surges in the delta cases.  

“This is the time that all PHAs must be preparing themselves for surges in the delta variant cases. I urge all the PHAs to increase the surveillance, testing, IPC and to have in place enough ICU beds to respond to any delta variant cases.  

“All hospitals must have enough oxygen in the ICU and hospitals to respond to any increase in the number of cases,’’ Dr Daoni said. 

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