Wagambie calls for calm in NCD

Tuesday 24 November 2020

The Assistant Commissioner of Police and Commander of NCD and Central Anthony Wagambie Jr.  has called on all residents of the National Capital District (NCD) to remain calm.

His call comes after messages were widely shared, on social media that certain police and military personnel were conducting suspicious activities, especially leading up to the decision of the Supreme Court.

“I must assure the people of NCD that Metropolitan Superintendent and his officers have their manpower intact and carrying out normal duties in policing the City.

“Police job is to ensure peace and order prevails,” he said.

Meantime, Mr Wagambie  and his officers  are verifying the vehicle number plates and description as posted on social media.

“We are also in contact with the Papua New Guinea Defence Force  (PNGDF) hierarchy , and it is common understanding with us that we ensure stability and control over our personnel.”

Mr Wagambie assures  residents  of NCD   that  RPNGC and PNGDF   remain intact and will  continue to work together to  stop  any problems from  happening.

“We are also monitoring if  there are any Police personnel working outside of their authorised jurisdiction.. I have made my stand clear in this command and it will remain that way,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr Wagambie said any information  received would be  shared between Police and PNGDF hierarchy.

“I have directed NCD Metropolitan Superintendent to initiate operations for more Police visibility with whatever manpower we have to ensure the public go about normal business.

“Depending on the outcome of the Court results, it is up to our leaders to make their own decisions with consultation from the people they represent,” Mr Wagambie added.

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