Air Niugini acknowledges there has been confusion on the requirements for domestic air travel, and is pleased to be able to provide firm information on this.

The SOE Controller has issued a new Emergency Order today,  providing the following directives;

Air Niugini’s domestic flights are now open for domestic travel to all airports in PNG except for the eight  airports of Daru, Kiunga, Wewak, Vanimo, Tabubil, Lihir, Buka and Kieta.

The four western border airports of Daru, Kiunga, Wewak and Vanimo, still require the approval of the State of Emergency (SoE) controller.  Air Niugini will continue to operate some flights to these three airports as we get approval, and will advertise when these flights are occurring 3-4 days in advance on our Facebook page.  Bookings for these four airports remains as per the normal process once they are advertised. Passengers traveling to or from these four airports, are not required to quarantine upon arrival.

Tabubil airport has been closed by Ok Tedi Mining Limited, similarly Lihir airport in New Ireland has been closed by Newcrest

Flights to Buka and Kieta airports in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ARoB) still require approval from the Bougainville  SoE Controller.  Air Niugini is operating occasional flights to Buka, based on Bougainville SoE Controller approval, but generally at present there is not any approval for uplift of passengers into Buka or Kieta.

Passengers will still need a photo ID and must complete the Domestic Travel Application Form during check in. Passengers will normally be provided the Domestic Travel Application Form at the time of booking and are asked to bring it with them to check-in, but can be provided these forms to complete at check-in instead if necessary. There is no requirement to get this form approved. There is no requirement to seek any travel approvals, such as from the SoE Controller,  or local Police or local health authorities. The prior Health Information Form previously completed as part of the check-in process is also no longer required.  Where you are booked to travel to or from Daru, Kiunga or Vanimo Air Niugini will arrange for your travel approval from the SoE Controller as part of the flight approval process.

Passengers must ensure you are in one of the five travel approved categories. These are students returning to their educational institute, persons returning to their place of residence, persons traveling for essential services, persons travelling for essential exempted business travel, or persons travelling for emergency reasons such as but not limited to repatriation of deceased persons. Air Niugini sales staff will ask you at the time of booking your reason for travel.

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