State of Emergency Office of the Controller Media Statement 27 March 2020

COVID-19 Update on Day 5

The Controller of the State of Emergency and Police Commissioner David Manning has been given emergency powers under gazetted regulations effective from the 23rd March 2020.

SOE regulations

Under the Regulations the Emergency Controller has the powers to amongst others;

∙       Issue emergency orders;

∙       Restrict movement of persons;

∙       Regulate business activities;

∙       Enter and seize items and order destruction and disposal of items;

∙       Direct any person to be quarantined or remain quarantined and under medical examination and observation or be vaccinated;

∙       Regulate all modes of transport; and

∙       And other directions as required.

We are in a pandemic that is affecting the world and tough decisions must be placed to contain its spread and protect our people.

We have so far only confirmed one imported case however we must remain vigilant.

All citizens are encouraged to cooperate and work with police, the health authorizes and members of the Joint Agency Task Force during this period.

Health update

As the country heads into day five of the State of Emergency and nationwide lockdown, I am pleased to announce that the whole of government and private sector approach to tackling the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is progressing well.

As announced yesterday by the Prime Minister Honourable James Marape, 15 of the people who came into contact with the only COVID-19 case or patient “Z” have all tested negative.

We are closely following up on the 16th person and hope to have him tested as well.

As of today which is day five of the lockdown we have so far investigated 6,320 persons of interest:

∙       Of this 3,363 persons have been cleared;

∙       And we are following up on the other 3,152 persons.

Through the follow-up surveillance of the flight of concern Air Niugini flight PX 393 from Singapore with patient “Z”, of the 84 passengers, six have developed symptoms, and from the six, five have been tested negative with one test result still pending.

Twenty-seven (27) of the 54 passengers on flight PX 208 from Port Moresby to Lae-Hoskins-and Rabaul have been cleared showing no symptoms of COVID-19

Law and Order update

Provincial police commands have put in place provincial plans at the provincial level to maintain the lockdown.

Essential services to continue. Goods will be allowed. Restrictions placed on travel on public transport on air, land and sea. Only authorized cargo and personnel to be transported with approval from the Controller.

All these measure in place for the safety and wellbeing of the public. Please cooperate with us to ensure that patient “Z” as he has been named is the one and only patient.

Thank you.

Mr David Manning, MBE, DPS, QPM

Commissioner of Police &

Controller of State of Emergency

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