RPNGC preparing to welcome new Police Minister Onguglo

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary  will host a parade  to  welcome the new Police Minister and Member  for Kundiawa Gembogl, Chimbu Province, Hon. William Onglo, on 26 February 2021 at the Bomana Police Training College.

Honourable Onguglo was first elected to the National Parliament in the 2017 National General Election, and appointed  Minister for Police on 20 December  2020.  after a minor cabinet reshuffled in the Marape-Basil government.

Hon. Onguglo  was  Minister for Defence on 13 May, 2019 following a minor cabinet reshuffle under the O’Neil-Abel government.  

He was also Deputy Chairman of Economic Affairs and a member of the Emergency Permanent Parliamentary Committees (EPPC) from June 2019 to September, 2020.
 He also served as  Minister for Energy following a cabinet reshuffle on  1 October  to 18  December, 2020, and as a caretaker Minister for Higher Education, Science, Research and Technology from  16  November to 18 December, 2020.

At the closing of the week-long workshop for Police Prosecutors and investigators in Port Moresby , Mr Onguglo said that he would  concentrate  and try to achieve three things during his tenure, one  of which is a golden handshake policy for members of the RPNGC.

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