Requirement for Issuance of COVID-19 international vaccine certificate

Monday  21 February 2022

Secretary  of the  Department of Health, Dr Osborne Liko  has  reminded  people requiring a COVID-19 International Vaccine Certificate for international travel, to send  their requests to  int.vaccinecertificate@gma , two weeks prior to travel

People are required to  submit a copy of their  vaccination card (green card) issued at a PNG vaccination site, together with a copy of the demographic  information  page  of  their  passports.

Dr Liko said to be eligible for the certificate,  people need to provide the  following details:

  • Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality, Passport Number (as shown in the passport)
  • Vaccine type and Batch Number
  • Date of Vaccination

Dr Liko further advised , only people  who intend  to travel  internationally  need to apply  for  a  COVID-19 International Vaccine Certificate, adding, only COVID-19 vaccines administered at a vaccine site in PNG can receive  the  COVID-19 International Vaccine Certificate through this process.

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