Prime Minister repeatedly urges Papua New Guineans to be sensitive

 Tuesday 19 May 2020

Prime Minister . Hon. James Marape, has repeatedly urged  Papua New Guineans to remain  sensitive , despite  the country’s eight established coronavirus  (covid-19) cases so far.

In  his  opening remarks  during  today’s press briefing on the government’s response to covid-19,   Mr Marape  urged every citizen and resident not to be    complacent.

Prime Minister, James Marape

“Statistics globally show   that complacency must not be in our mindset, despite the fact that , 57 days on since  our  first case was established , we had only  eight  cases  established thus far.

“Today is day 57, since the first day when we started this operation  on 24 March, to ensure we are on top of our watch , in as far as defending our country from the possible intrusion of  the coronavirus.

“And 57 days on  we still have   only eight  established cases of positive corona  cases.”

Mr Marape continues to     encourage  citizens and  residents  to remain vigilant , adding that  the coronavirus   threat  is     real  and could ravage   the  country.

When comparing  statistics from  57 days ago,  from 24 March to now, Mr Marape  said from global statistics there were 327, 755 cases of confirmed covid-19  with   16 231 deaths.

“And 57 days later on planet earth, there are  4,882,495 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 319,670  deaths.”

He says  the numbers  have been  increasing since March 24 and have gone beyond 4 million, and because Papua New Guinea has a few cases of covid-19, that does not mean people have to relax –  they have to be vigilant.

As Papua New Guinea  prepares to come out  of the state of emergency come June 2,  there have been emergency orders  put in place to ensure that citizens and residents  remain sensitive and live a life style that is covid-19 conscious.

In addition, updates from the Western  Pacific region has Australia with 7,068 confirmed cases and  99 deaths; Philippines  12 718 cases  and 831 deaths ; Singapore  has 28,343 cases of covid-19   and  22 deaths; .Guam , 151 confirmed cases with five deaths; New Caledonia , 18 cases. Fiji with 18 cases;  Northern Mariana Islands  has 21 cases and two deaths; Indonesia , 18 010 cases with 1,191 deaths so far.  West Papua has 438 confirmed cases of covid-19 with 10 deaths .

In the meantime, the personal protective equipment (PPEs)   airlifted from China  are currently being     distributed to each province .

Mr Marape admits there are no medicines or hospital beds or facilities   that can cater for an outbreak of covid-19  in the country.

“Therefore  the  Marape-Steven government  is  committed to   ensuring  the    21 provincial hospitals,  the regional hospital in Bougainville and the district health facilities  are properly maintained for the benefit of its citizens.

“As we  go beyond the  state of emergency period , towards the end of this year,  the government will work closely with the  provincial governments to ensure our citizens are adhering to the protocols as far as covid-19 is concerned.

“Much of the responsibilities will be passed   to our provincial governments as well as provincial  leadership led  by governors , to take control in ensuring    we are living    with the covid-19 protocols ,”Mr Marape said.

Mr Marape , in acknowledging God’s presence  and protection over the country , further  extended his gratitude to Papua New Guineans for their continued support in abiding by the covid-19 protocols.

He call on  all   levels of government and agencies of government , public servants  residents and citizens      to adhere to and follow  the protocols   to stop covid – 19

“ As  we  go into June 2 and beyond,   our country will be expected  to live in compliance  to the covid19  protocols and standards.

“We will  be transferring policing of these protocols to the  provinces  led by the provincial governors   and  assisted by the provincial administrators  and provincial police commanders  in respective provinces    through out the country.  It’s a hard time we are  all living in  but we must remain composed .”

Mr Marape warns citizens  not to go out of their homes when they develop cough and fever but to    ring the hotline number ,1800200

He however  urged women   to sew face masks and sell to the public. He    also encouraged  citizens to own a mask  to protect themselves.

Meanwhile Mr Marape  said most of the  covid 19  related  life styles  being  introduced  and advocated will be developed  into laws  past June 2, when the state of emergency period lapses , for the safety of the people and the country .

“And it is for our mutual benefit  that we must live in  a life style that is covid 19  sensitive because statistics around  the world shows that this disease is not  being eradicated .

“There is no cure  for  covid-19   right now , and  vaccines  may  take one or two yeas to be developed, therefore,  we just have to remain vigilant as we live every day in our country,” Mr Marape said. .

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