Prime Minister appeals to citizens to get vaccinated

Friday 22 October 2021

Papua New Guineans are again  urged  to   take  the vaccine as Covid-19 cases surge in country.

Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape , appealed to citizens to be protected, during  his virtual   press conference this afternoon, adding, the national government   has made  vaccines available in country  for every citizen and  resident who wants to be vaccinated.

“Whilst vaccine remains not compulsory   and   it’s optional for  citizens and residents, it is   medically  certified vaccine to be taken by everyone , and   I encourage all citizens  to move around the path of vaccination,”  emphasised the Prime Minister.

“Today  we see delta  strain of Covid-19  among  us, and has increased the number of deaths.. The community must  be able to promote Niupela Pasin . Stay safe away from crowd. Stay safe in your  own  home setting.

“We now have 312  persons who have died from Covid-19.That is one life lost is a burden to us , and pain  to the family  and pain to us as a country . It is no joy to face people dying.”

Mr Marape however   encouraged   those who do not want to take  th vaccines,  to keep themselves safe.

“Follow the Niupela Pasin , don’t move around in places where   you are not supposed to be. Don’t go to crowded areas, stay safe, stay isolated, stay and keep to yourself, because your exposure to covid-19 means your family and your community  is exposed to covid-19.

“This is a crisis we are facing, a health crisis,  as never faced before, Assist your natural immunity with the added boost by taking one of those three  vaccines that we’ve allowed ,”  he said.

 He warned,  Papua New Guinea  is being exposed to traditional  border crosses, as well as people who  frequently travel to  West Papua, and this has exposed the country to  the threat of coronavirus in a big way.

In January this year, the death toll was nine,  however   the number of deaths has  now increased to 312.

“A sad figure,”  he adds.

Prime Minister   is now calling on every Papua New Guinean to be responsible “to our country to our community  to our family and to ourselves” and get vaccinated.

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