Police men and women get promoted

Thursday 4 June 2020

A total of 1,120 policemen and women were promoted to various ranks in the recently concluded 2019 Promotion Board sitting.

This include  a total of 166 policewomen who were promoted to various ranks including one superintendent and two chief inspectors.

The promotions, inclusive of the female numbers include: four chief superintendents; 10 superintendents; 13 chief inspectors; 18 senior inspectors; 32 chief sergeants; 45 senior sergeants; 236 sergeants; 319 senior constables; and 443 first constables.

A total of 37 non-commissioned officers were promoted to inspector and senior inspector ranks.

However, they will be required to undergo a three months Police Management Course to enhance their skill level and knowledge in command and control to prepare them in the transition from non-commissioned to commissioned officers.

Emergency Controller and Police Commissioner David Manning in making the announcement of the promotion this week congratulated those who have been promoted.

He urged them to continue to serve with commitment and professionalism.

“It is very hard to be promoted because each person is competing with hundreds if not thousands of other members for limited positions.

“However, it is very easy to be stripped off the hard earned promotion should you not perform or conduct yourself inappropriately. So my advice to all of the members who have just recently been promoted is to work hard and be professional in everything you do going forward.

“To those who have missed out, please do not be discouraged as we have the 2020 promotions coming within two months time and you will still be considered,” Mr Manning said.

Commissioner Manning commended the promotion board members Reverend Sommy Setu (Chairman), Assistant Commissioner Joab Mangae (Commissioner’s representative) and Assistant Commissioner Peter Guiness (Police Union representative) for ensuring equity and fairness in the recent promotions.

“The Promotion Board has done well and I had no hesitation in accepting the board’s recommendation.

“I also take note of some of the issues the board raised such as the failure of commanders to submit names for promotion. In some instances there were only one name submitted for the board’s consideration which did not give the board any room to select the best candidates for the positions. In future there must be a minimum of five candidates to positions advertised,” Mr Manning said.

Media contact: Chief Superintendent Dominic D. Kakas, BEM, DPS
Team Leader – COVID-19 Media & Public Information Joint Agency Task Force
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