Police Commissioner Manning commends Citizens for order amid political situation

Friday 27 November 2020

Police Commissioner and Controller of the PNG COVID-19 National Pandemic Response, David Manning, has   commended the people of Papua New Guinea for patience and understanding and keeping order amid the ongoing political atmosphere.

He urged citizens to continue to observe peace and good order following the majority Supreme Court decision today confirming Prime Minister James Marape as the country’s legitimate Prime Minister.

“The high court has made its decision. We as citizens must respect the high court order and continue to do business as normal.

“Times are hard especially in this COVID-19 pandemic and it is important we do what is best for ourselves, our families and our country.”

Mr Manning  further   instructed all police personnel in the country to be on maximum alert in case of a small group of people taking advantage of the political situation to cause trouble.

There has been  minimal problems  so far and Mr Manning  praised  citizens who have shown a greater sense of maturity and responsibility in their approach to the current political situation which went before the courts.

“This is a positive for Papua New Guinea. However the Sitting of Parliament court matter is still in court and again I urge all citizens to allow the court to make its decision and for citizens to remain calm and await the court ruling.”

Mr Manning also  paid tribute to  the political leadership for maintaining political maturity in the current situation.

“I am satisfied we are managing the situation well. Citizens must allow our political leaders freedom to debate and discuss issues of national interest and for the ordinary citizens to respect that and while having their support base to refrain from causing or provoking trouble.

“Police will not hesitate to deal with those who think they can use the political situation for their own gain,” Mr Manning stressed.

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