PM Marape urges provinces to take in FODE

Wednesday 21 October, 2020

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape,  has urged Provincial Administrators (PAs)  who attended a two-day workshop on Public Sector Reforms and Cost Control in Port Moresby to take the Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) policy of Government back to schools in their respective provinces.

Mr  Marape made the call at the closing of the workshop, held  from 19 – 20  October  at APEC Haus.

He told the PAs that they are very important assets in the Government’s push to provide effective services to the majority of the people who lived in rural areas.

“You are very important people out there, who are in touch with over 80 percent of our citizens.

“I would like to make two tasks for you to take back and work with your provincial administrations.

“Next year and onwards, we want to roll out to the rest of the country, especially in our high schools, the Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) courses and course materials.

“Provincial Administrators, take note of this:  Go back, work with your Provincial Education Advisors to make high schools become venues for FODE as well.”

Every year, about 10, 000 school-aged children dropped out of the formal education system and  parents were unable to empower them to  seek further education outside of the formal system.

He said as a Government, the Marape/Basil Government would like to expand FODE in a big way  to cater for the educational needs of this particular group of young Papua New Guineans.

Mr  Marape urged the PAs present to make their high schools focal points for FODE delivery.

“Through  FODE, school-aged children who dropped out of the formal system would still get an education right at home, without having to spend to come to the urban areas for an education.

“They will also  be able to sit for National Examinations with students who go through the formal system to go into colleges,” he added.

The Government  is  also considering   introducing entrepreneurship courses through FODE to encourage them to go into Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Prime Minister, James Marape, at the closing of the two-day Public Sector Reforms and Cost Control Workshop at APEC Haus. (photo credit: PM’s Media Unit).

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