PM Marape intends to open up country for business investments amidst pandemic

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

The Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape, says he  intends to open up the country for business despite the threat of Coronavirus disease  (COVID-19) globally.

Prime Minister, James Marape

“The COVID-19 disease must not kill the country’s economy and the Marape-Steven Government’s service delivery to our people.

“Under the National Pandemic Act, specifically on localised control based on medical evidence will now be exercised but our people’s livelihood, commerce and trade must continue on in our country,”  Prime Minister Marape said.

Thus, the Government is now trialling the ‘New Normal’ or ‘Niupela Pasin’ that allows for non COVID-19 affected areas and sectors to continue functioning.

And in respect to the economy; there are travel protocols now available for those seeking entry into the  country for commercial and or for business purpose.

Mr Marape said that   in relation to the arrival of the four  Chinese businessmen , the COVID-19 travel requirements were implemented and proper quarantine measures were prescribed before they were allowed into PNG.

“This now will apply to any business delegation who wishes to travel to PNG for  investment purpose.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Marape and Mining Minister Johnson Tuke are in Lae today   for the initial preliminary meeting with Morobe Provincial Government and landowners of Wafi Golpu Mining areas on basic principles of distributing benefits as the National Government prepares to net project developers.

In light of  the recent amendments to  the Mining Act and Oil and Gas Act, Mr  Marape assures all existing investors that his Government is not changing ”the goal post.”

However, the present Mining Act will govern the framework of the Wafi Golpu Mining contract that should be after negotiations.

“The Marape-Steven Government wants to advance Wafi Golpu, Porgera, P’Nyang and Pasca projects before the third quarter of this year in as far as these projects development is concerned.

“And to our provincial governments and landowners in those resource areas, please  be rest assured that our Government will give you a fairer share within what the State secures from negotiations with developers,” Prime Minister Marape said.

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