Approved Release: Sunday, 05th April 2020   By PM’s Media

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP is calling on all government agencies to comply with the Five (5) National Emergency Orders imposed by the Government during this two-month State of Emergency extension on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

PM Marape informed of the need to be strategic and targeted when rolling out Government contingents and preventive measures on COVID-19 in his statement at the Special Parliament on Thursday (02/04/20).

PM Marape said all agencies must comply and align their plans with the orders aimed at managing and containing any likelihood of this virus spreading.

“Large agencies like Education, Health, disciplinary forces (Police, Defence Force and Correctional Service), Provincial Administrations, etc. must refocus and reprioritise on how best to capture the orders in their plans.

“I have already informed the National Parliament that the extension of SoE for another two-month period is necessary to ensure that we mitigate potential harm that the spread of virus may cause.

“This extension may also allow government agencies to implement urgent and ongoing measures that includes how each agency refocus, reprioritise and realign when developing plans that will protect all citizens within their institutions,” the Prime Minister said.

“Each plan should clearly identify who is a non-essential and essential member of their organisation; outline how to manage a day on its daily schedule after the 14-day lockdown ceases today (05/04/20).

“I am emphasising more on the crowded government institutions like schools, prisons and hospitals, where each life in those institutions is equally as important as those in smaller organisations. Therefore, proper planning on those large institutions must be developed immediately to safeguard people from losing their lives to COVID-19.”

“Therefore, the orders accommodated in each agency’s plan must be taken seriously because our ultimate goal is to protect lives, prevent deaths, manage and contain any likelihood of COVID-19 spreading,” the Prime Minister said.

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