PM announces second COVID-19 case in PNG

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The  second case is a 40 year old female from the East New Britain Province who developed cough on 23 March and was admitted to the Nonga Hospital isolation ward  on March 28    and treated for severe respiratory illness.

The patient has been isolated and quarantined. An additional two persons under investigation from Nonga have tested negative.

The Prime Minister said the COVID-19 Rapid Response Team is now working on contact tracing. Everyone who has come into contact with the confirmed case will be immediately isolated and tested as well.

A team of medical experts are being deployed to ENB to deal with contact tracing, isolation and treatment.

The Prime Minister also announced that the Controller of the State of Emergency and Police Commissioner David Manning has made a decision to lock down the entire East New Britain Province for the next 21 Days.

During his daily press briefing today, Mr Marape said , “there    will be specific operation order  issued by the Controller to be implemented by  the  provincial police commander as well as the provincial administrator and by the provincial health authority  Chief Executive Officer on the exact orders in relation to the 21 day specific shutdown of the  province.”

“That includes  no traveling in and out of East New Britain,  by sea, by air or by land,  and those  specifics will be issued by our controller,” he said.

Commercial flights in and out of East New Britain are restricted.

Strict measures are being taken to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the East New Britain Province and the country as well.

He called upon people of PNG to remain calm and further asked for their support and understanding.

He said, “These measures may be seen as an inconvenience to you but they have been put in place to protect you and your family.

The Prime Minister said the Government is diligently working towards ensuring that its citizens are protected.

He also received reports that a Papua New Guinean has contracted the coronavirus in Laos. He said contact tracing is also being undertaken for this person as well.

Prime Minister Marape encouraged Papua New Guineans to continue to faithfully observe and practice health messages that have been given out.

“Wash your hands; do not touch your face; cough into your elbow; maintain physical distancing at all times and lastly please stay home,” Prime Minister Marape said.

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