Marape urges National Planning Dept to include government policy and reform agenda in its plans

The Department of National Planning and Monitoring has been urged to capture government policy and reform agendas for service delivery in its plans.

Prime Minister, James Marape made the call when launching the Department’s five-year Corporate Plan for 2020-2024 in Port Moresby, on Thursday. 2 July 2020.

Prime Minister Marape reminded government planners of the age old saying: if you don’t plan, you are planning to fail.

He said  as the country’s number one planner , it must include government policy and reform agendas in  its  planning and corporate plans.

“The reason is simple; you will guide the country’s development aspirations, monitor and report how public monies and resources are spent on major government projects and reforms.

“A good plan and monies spent according to those plans will ensure services reach our unreached people.

“The Marape-Steven Government does not want a repeat of the past where budgetary allocations were spent outside of the normal government planning and procurement processes,’’ he said.

Mr Marape also  urged  all government departments and agencies to have a strategic document that guide their operations.

“Corporate Planning is important in any organization as it helps management to be focused and objective, practice prudent financial management that results in effective operations and service delivery.

“It is important that all government entities have a vibrant Corporate Plan, which has purpose and meaningful, is focused and supports the government’s services delivery intentions.

“That is the critical role the National Planning Department plays in supporting government’s development and reform agendas, so it must have its Corporate Plan to help guide itself properly, in order to plan for the country,” he said.

Prime Minister Marape also called for the inclusion of the Government’s Connect PNG Vision, which tops government policy agenda.

“We  must interconnect all of our major towns and cities with the key infrastructure services to ensure services flow smoothly.

“The roads must be linked; electricity, water and telecommunication service lines must flow along the same corridors that will trigger major economic and social development.

“I am of the firm belief this Government can fulfil this vision with the support of the MTDPIII strategies and the Department is at the centre of this.

“There is a clear linkage between the MTDPIII and the responsibilities of the Department of National Planning, which are relevant and capable to facilitating investment planning and development,” said Prime Minister Marape.

He also acknowledged the role of the Department in managing and coordinating sector plans, as part of the overall responsibilities under the government’s Public Investment Program.

“This is a major shift in approach of service delivery that is in line with the Government’s moves to work along with sector policy and financing.”

He also urged the National Planning Department to ensure their planning must be receptive to the government policy.

“The Planning Department and other agencies of government must have the flexibility to adapt to change and to accommodate what the government wants in terms of the nation’s development agendas.

“Funding must also be captured in the planning and spent accordingly and not outside of the normal planning and budgetary processes.”

Mr Marape called on  every staff to think big and outside of the box and try to think of what the ordinary people in the country would expect of them and Government to do for them.

“I urge you once again to implement your Department’s Corporate Plan 2020-2024 properly, which will act as your compass in planning for the ccountry,’’ he said.

Prime Minister Marape launched the Plan in the presence of National Planning & Monitoring Minister Hon. Sam Basil at the APEC Haus in Port Moresby.

Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape (centre), Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Hon. Sam Basil ( second from right) and Secretary for National Planning , Koney Samuel (left) displaying the Corporate Plan 2020-2024 at APEC Haus on 2 July 2020.

Prime Minister James Marape (right) and Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Sam Basil, at APEC Haus

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