Manning urges policemen to put country and people first

Thursday May 28,  2020

State of Emergency Controller and Police Commissioner, David Manning,  has urged all members of the Constabulary throughout the country to put the country and people first especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

                                                                              SOE Controller, David Manning

“We are in a national health emergency which threatens our people so I challenge our officers to continue to be committed and loyal.

“Put your country and people first,” Mr Manning said following queries whether policemen and women engaged in the SOE were to be paid allowances.

“There was never a commitment to pay any allowances except for those that were deployed to other provinces for COVID-19. Money is a big issue and our priorities are in the health sector in terms of PPEs and testing.

“Whilst we understand the risks our members may be exposed to and appreciate the sacrifice they have made so far, we just don’t have a big basket of money to give to them.

“However, with the funding we are working on a one off payment of K1,000 for members who have been engaged during the period of the SOE. We will process the payment upon advise from the provincial police commanders,” Mr Manning said.

He said for members who have been deployed outside of their usual operating provinces the usual travel allowances will apply.

These payments will be included in the salary of the members engaged for the SOE operations through the Kundu Pei system.

“At this time when the country is being threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic I again urge all members of the Constabulary to be selfless and to continue to serve with pride and with commitment,” Mr Manning said.


Media contact: Chief Superintendent Dominic D. Kakas, BEM, DPS

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