Manning: Police Officers are peacemakers

Monday 25 May 2020

Policemen are peacemakers and called sons of God, Police Commissioner David Manning said this today when he delivered an address at the funeral service of the late Inspector Andrew Tovere in Port Moresby.

Commissioner Manning said in Mathew Chapter 5 and verse 9 of the Bible, Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God“.

He said all members of the Constabulary who had gathered at the funeral that they are peacemakers for it is in the nature of their duties and responsibilities.

Mr Manning also said funeral services enabled the living to pause to remember the dead but at the same time to reflect upon their lives and make adjustments if necessary. He said death is inevitable.

He said Senior Inspector Tovere was taken too soon and was a promising young officer who had more to offer to the Constabulary.

“In fact I had quite recently mentioned to him that I was considering him for some higher responsibilities. He was a future leader of the RPNGC but unfortunately death robbed us of a colleague and a brother,” Mr Manning said.

The Commissioner reminded members of the Constabulary that the primary duty of a police officer is to protect people and property and to enforce the law without fear or favour, malice or ill-will.

“We are at the frontline, defending the people against the enemy. And as is the nature of our job we can and may be required to give the ultimate sacrifice with our lives. So never ever take anything for granted. None of us are immune so we must all be prepared,” Commissioner Manning said.

He reassured the family of the late Tovere that his entitlements would  be made available to the next of kin.

He thanked the Police Legacy for assisting with funeral expenses for the late member.

Mr Manning added  that   he was comforted and pleased that the Police Legacy will be paying for the education for all children of the deceased member from primary to tertiary level and promised to as a matter of priority look into empowering the Police Legacy to do more for its members.

The   Commissioner said of the late member, “We will remember him and his legacy and hopefully in the not too distant future another Tovere can follow in his footsteps.”


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