Manning directs COVID-19 response team to Parliament

Friday 23 April 2021

A team from the National Control Center has begun taking swabs of all employees of the National Parliament to test for COVID-19 after 42 staff members were   tested positive.

The 47 were part of 167 swabs collected and tested earlier. The testing began on Tuesday, April 20 and continues until all employees of the National Parliament including the political staff are tested.

Commissioner of Police and Controller of the PNG COVID-19 National Pandemic Response Mr David Manning said whilst the parliament session was important to the running of the country, measures must be taken to ensure that the leaders are protected and are not exposed to the virus.

Mr Manning has directed for compulsory testing to be conducted for both staff of the National Parliament and political staff of  Members of the National Parliament.


COVID-19 Response Team from the National Control Centre stationed at the Parliament house collecting swabs of staff on Thursday 22 April.


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