Lupari : Political and bureaucratic systems must be harmonized for service delivery

Thursday 20 August, 2020

Provincial Governors have been urged  to  ensure  that both   political and bureaucratic systems  be  harmonized   to enable  service delivery reaches people in the remote areas of the country

Acting Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister & National Executive Council Amb, Isaac Lupari

The Acting Secretary for the Department of Prime Minister & National Executive Council Amb. Isaac Lupari, when addressing the  2020 Provincial Governors’ Conference at the Hilton Hotel in  Port Moresby today,  appealed to   the Governors  to focus on   both  the  country’s political and  bureaucratic systems   when deliberating on decentralization of powers.

He said the  current bureaucratic system spent more than K4 billion every year on salaries of public servants with no tangible results of service deliver  felt nor seen by the people.

“If the Government is spending K4.3 billion on public service and services are not reaching our people, then  there is something wrong,” Mr Lupari said.

Mr Lupari has also expressed concern over the composition of the workforce in the provinces  and districts, which he said  is made up of  almost 90 percent of the local staff and urged Governors to seriousy address the issue.

“This  creates a culture of regionalism that will become a threat to the National Security of Papua New Guinea, going into the future.”

Meanwhile, priority focus areas for discussion during the two day conference are: Constitutional Amendment and Organic Law on Decentralization – Empowerment and Progressive Development through Gradative Decentralization;  Review of Electoral Boundaries; Review of Organic on Elections; Review of Integrity of Political Parties – Leadership and Development; Discussions and Options for Inclusivity and Representation; Provincial Economies – Economic Growth;Organic Law on Minerals and Hydro Carbon; COVID-19: Impact and Implications for Provincial Management, Leadership; Partnership for Local Solutions, Human Welfare and Economic Sustainability.


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