Legislative Amendments to the Prime Minister and NEC Act

Thursday 3 September 2020

Parliament on Tuesday 2 September 2020, passed amendments to the Prime Minister and NEC Act and the Public Services Management Act.

These amendments seek to clarify the role of the Central Agencies Coordination Committee (CACC), and to rescope the position of Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and NEC.

Prime Minister James Marape, said these amendments are part of a broader agenda of reform being pursued by the Government.

“Given the need for continuity of leadership, I have decided that the current Acting Chief Secretary, Ambassador Isaac Lupari will continue in that position until January 2021.

“Ambassador Lupari is playing a critical role in progressing complex negotiations on key resources projects, including the Porgera Gold Mine and is leading work on the Economic Advisory Group which is providing advice to the Ministerial Economic Committee on how to address the challenges arising from the COVID 19 Pandemic.”

He also continues to support significant other parts of the Government’s reform agenda, and is highly regarded by the Government.

Mr Marape anticipates that by January the process of recruiting a new Secretary for Prime Minister and NEC will be completed, at which time, the Chief Secretary position will cease and the amendments will come into effect.

He called on   all Department Heads  to continue to accord  Ambassador Lupari their full support as “we continue to address the challenges that face our nation.”

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