Kramer says the National SOE is not illegal

Police Minister Hon. Bryan Kramer has just advised that the Cabinet decision by the Marape-Steven Government for a National State of Emergency, is not illegal.
He made these remarks while responding to questions from the media following the Opposition Leader, Hon. Belden Namah’s announcement that the SOE was illegal, and that only Parliament had the authority to announce or declare a State of Emergency, and not Cabinet.
Kramer clarified that Cabinet under Section 230 of the Constitution states that and a SOE within the timeframe of 15 days can be decided and approved by the National Executive Council.
“According to the Constitution, any State of Emergency exceeding 15 days needs to be passed by Parliament.
“Hence, with the current National SOE being only for 14 days for assessment, Cabinet declared it, effective as of March 24, 2020.
“Now if things escalate and the Prime Minister and NEC decide to extend past the 14 days, then we can convene Parliament, and it can pass a specific law, if the decision is made to extend the SOE beyond 15 days,” Minister Kramer said.
He said the view by the Opposition Leader is flawed and he clearly doesn’t know what he is talking about.
“If we need more time after the 14-days Lockdown, then we can convene Parliament and an Emergency Act can be passed, by Parliament, specifically for the emergency.
He said there was no need for the Opposition Leader to call for Parliament to be recalled as their was clearly, no need for that.

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