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COVID-19 in PNG Videos on NBC TV - Official COVID-19 Website

Questions and Answers with Stakeholders

NBC Question & Answers Friday 22nd May 2020: Minister for State Enterprise, Hon. Sasindran Muthuvel, MP
COVID-19 Questions & Answers Monday 18th May 2020: Institute of National Affairs
COVID-19 Questions & Answers with ICCC: Sunday 17th May 2020
NBC's Q&A Friday 15th May 2020 Segment 1 : CIMC
NBC's COVID-19 Q&A Friday 15th May 2020 Segment 3: Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee of the Consultative Implementation Monitoring Council
NBC's COVID-19 Q&A Wednesday 13th May 2020 : United Nations
Covid 19 Question and Answer (Q&A) May 1st 2020: SOE Controller and Police Minister
NBC's Covid-19 Q & A Wednesday 6th May 2020 7:30PM : Immigration
NBC's COVID-19 Q&A Friday 15th May 2020 Segment 2: Education
NBC's COVID-19 Q&A Monday 11th May 2020 : Police (Momase and Highland region)
NBC's Covid-19 Q & A Monday 04th May 2020 : Prime Minister
COVID-19 Question & Answer_ Morauta Haus: Episode 2 : Department of Education

Press Conference Videos

Covid-19 Update Tuesday 12th May 2020 4PM - Morauta Haus
Deputy State of Emergency controller Dr. Paison Dakulala Address on COVID-19 Update from Morauta Haus: Sunday 3rd May 2020
Covid-19 4PM Press Conference - Tuesday 5th May 2020
Covid-19 Update Friday 1st May 2020 - Morauta Haus
Covid-19 Press Conference Monday 4th May 2020 4PM - Morauta Haus
NBC COVID-19 Update at Morauta Haus: Thursday 30th April 2020