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Update on PNG’s COVID-19 response

1st May 2020: Statement by Deputy Controller and Acting Secretary for Health, Dr Paison Dakulala Good afternoon, my fellow Papua New Guineans. It’s been five (5) weeks since the SOE commenced. During these five weeks, we have identified 8 confirmed cases. We have tested 2,402 samples. Of the total 2,362 turned out negative while 32

Media Statement and Update from Deputy Controller & Acting Secretary of the Department of Health, Dr Paison Dakulala,

Good afternoon Papua New Guinea. Welcome to our daily updates on COVID-19. As usual, we begin with the global and regional situation. The figures I will give you will be from 24 April from the World Health Organisation. Global Situation Globally (cases) 2,626 321 total confirmed, 81,529 of which are new cases and 181,938 deaths

Flight restrictions lifted under SOE

Controller  of the State of Emergency, David Manning has lifted flight restrictions into and out of Rabaul and re-opened  Port of Rabaul as a designated  international shipping port as of 6:00pm this afternoon. Public  transport  to  be re-opened with operators  continuing with hygiene measures of hand sanitizer, regular sanitizing of seats and social distancing of