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Update on PNG’s COVID-19 Response

Monday May 4, 2020: 7:54pm As usual, I will be providing an update of the security measures taken to date assist the Health Department deliver the PNG Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Press Freedom Day Before I give the update let me take time to reflect on the World Press Freedom Day which was

Minister Masiu extends COVID-19 awareness into Holy Trinity Teachers College

Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Hon. Timothy Masiu has extended government’s   awareness efforts on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) into Western Highlands’ Holy Trinity Teachers College. Minister Masiu, when    addressing   Bougainville  students,      at the  Holy Trinity Teachers College in Mt Hagen  today, highlighted government’s preparedness  and responses  to stop  the spread of covid 19, and  encouraged

Government announces economic stimulus package to combat COVID-19

As detailed in his ministerial statement to Parliament on the economic stimulus package yesterday (April 2, 2020), Minister for Treasury, Ian Link-Stuckey said 90 percent of the package will be funded through innovative and flexible mechanisms He stressed, the Marape- Steven government recognises the C19 pandemic health emergency will create an economic emergency, therefore a