Marape launches Awar Plantation redevelopment in Madang

Saturday 1 August 2020

The Prime Minister Hon. James Marape,  officially launched the Redevelopment of the Awar  Coconut Plantation in Bogia District in Madang province on Friday ,31 July 2020

He commended the landowners and people of Awar village for their bold initiative to redevelop it.

The old plantation was reclaimed by the Awar community and landowners with the support of their local  Bogia MP, Robert Naguri.

Prime Minister Marape told hundreds of people who witnessed the launch that the Pangu Pati lead -Government will ensure existing and old plantations be reclaimed for the benefit of the people.

“We want the landowners and communities to go into agriculture and take ownership and manage such run down plantations be it copra, cocoa, coffee, tea and others.

“The Marape-Steven Government plans to help you by upgrading and sealing the road from Madang to Bogia and further into the East Sepik region so you can bring your copra and cocoa to the markets.”

He urged  the people of Awar, Bogia and Madang province living along this proposed Northern Road corridor to go into agricultural activities.

“I would like to commend you for reclaiming your land and we will support your endeavours to redevelop Awar plantation,’’ he said.

There are  plans in place to have electricity connected from Madang to Bogia and Awar village to support the district in its development aspirations.

“Once we have the road built and power connected you the people of Bogia and Awar should not waste time but go into your land and work hard.”

“The Government has plans to come up with a price stabilization program to ensure we buy your produce like cocoa and copra from you growers and not middle man.

“In the past there were middleman who collected the agricultural produce from growers at a small price and resold higher at the markets.

“That is why the government plans to build your road and support you by purchasing your produce so you get money worth your hard work,’’ said Prime Minister Marape.

Member for  Bogia Robert Naguri and Minister for Agriculture Minister, John Simon were also present during the launch  to support  the people’s    plans to redevelop the Awar plantation.

Mr Marape  stressed that the  Government is focused on poverty alleviation at the district level, and encouraged   the local people to manage their plantation well to benefit them in return.

It is expected  that  work on upgrading and sealing  of the Madang-Bogia road and to connect the greater Sepik region will start soon.

It is the Government’s Connect PNG Program, too link the entire country by a single national road network.

Prime Minister Marape also visited the people of Manam Island who have been living at care centres in Bogia after their Manam Island was devastated by volcanic eruption more than a decade ago.

He said the Government has seen and heard the hardship they have been in and allocated K2million for a permanent resettlement program.

Prime Minister Marape was accompanied by State  Ministers for Finance  Renbo Paita, Immigration& Border Security, Wesley Nukundj, Correctional Service Chris Nangoi and Agriculture John Simon.

Prime Minster, James Marape (centre) in Awar, Bogia to launch the Awar coconut plantation redevelopment project. (photo credit; PM’s Media Unit).

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