Marape assures citizens of Government’s protection amidst the increase in COVID-19 cases

Thursday 30 July 2020,

Prime Minister, James Marape has assured Papua New Guineans that his government  would do its best to ensure their safety and protection, amidst  the surge in the COVID-19 cases.

Prime Minister, James Marape

During his press briefing this afternoon, Mr Marape said , “the challenge  is here, let me assure everyone, Government will not go  to sleep.

“Amidst  many challenges we have , COVID-19  is presently our number one  challenge with effect on the economy, and we are on standby to do our  best endeavours  to ensure our citizens  are not really pushed to the corner , push to the  limit, but  are attended to at the very earliest.”

In light of the surge  that is happening now, Mr Marape has assured that    the government   would  do  its  absolute best to  ensure that   testings are ramped up and increased,  to stop the virus from spreading.

Mr Marape  has also appealed to  provincial governors  to be sensitive and  to know that the virus  is not only Port Moresby-based but could have spread to other parts of the country .

“ The intention for us in the next 14 days , is really to take stock  of  what has happened or what is happening in Port Moresby in as far as covid-19 is concerned.

As soon as we  have  a grip of what is happening  in Port Moresby, we will  re-adjust in the midst of COVID-19.

“We’ll be adjusting , to  living, working, and conducting  business amidst COVID-19 sensitivity.

“ I appeal to our citizens  nation wide, to bear with us. Your help  and my help,  our combined help is  required  in this time of crisis that is induced by a small virus.

“This small virus is not something that we manufactured : it  is something that is now amidst us and  everyone of us needs to wear gloves , everyone needs to  keep space  in between  social settings, family settings , in between work places and everyone needs to  practice hygiene and if  you  feel that you are sick,, no need to endanger your family ,your community, your neighbours ,your workplace but keep safe.”

Mr Marape  said the threat of Coronavirus would be around for sometime and urged citizens  to support government’s  efforts  for the safety of everyone

Mr Marape recently returned from Lae to launch the K600 million international airport construction .

He said the government  has to  allow development programs to  operate to ensure the economy  is maintained in the midst of COVID-19.

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