Deputy Controller confirms death of COVID-19 patient

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Deputy Controller and Acting Heath Secretary, Dr Paison Dakulala has confirmed, for the first time, two deaths from the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Deputy Controller and Acting Heath Secretary, Dr Paison Dakulala

“We have had for the first time now deaths have happened in covid19.  One yesterday (Monday) and one today (Tuesday) . and I have the certificate of  one of them here which clarifies clearly here    it was a covid-19 death.

“The second case we’re waiting for confirmation of the  medical certificate , but it looks like the second case  was one with  comorbidity – meaning that  there’s other problems  with him in terms of medical issues  with the covid19 and that would have been what  complicated his case and resulted in his death,” Dr Dakulala said   during his press briefing   at Morauta Haus this afternoon.

“So when we come to the testings of all our covid19 samples, we have done just about  10,000 tests in our country – 9 943 . if we add  on some that we are waiting to come in, then it will add up to 10,000 now.

“And out of that as I said, 62   had been confirmed , 40 are still pending results, 9, 248  are  negative,  and 51 of those are active cases, and they are at Rita Flynn court as we speak.”

Dr Dakulala has however  confirmed another case in Lae, Morobe province, bringing  the total to 63.  The case was a male health officer who flew into Lae from Port Moresby on Sunday, 26 July 2020.

Meantime, Dr Dakulala  said as a way forward, the  health teams have scaled up testing  to identify and confirm  cases, in order to place them in isolation and get them quarantined, to minimize the spread of COVID-19, which is  currently   happening in the country.

Dr Dakulala  has  also  highlighted  global  figures of COVID-19 cases, which he said,  have increased to 6, 612, 326   with the number of deaths at  655, 502, within 126 days since the state of emergency was declared in March 2020.

“We need to take stock  and be vigilant  in the way we approach  covid19 situation in our country.”

In the  Western Pacific  regional statistics, Indonesia has  100,303 total  confirmed cases with    12, 838; Australia has  14 935 cases  and   161  deaths; Philippines has  82 040  and total  deaths of 1945 people. and Singapore ,   with  confirmed cases of 50,838   and 27 deaths.

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