Controller appeals to citizens to exercise self- defence amidst increases in COVID-19 cases

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Papua New Guineans and especially residents of the National Capital District have been called on to practice self defence in the midst of increases in the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Police Commissioner and Controller, David Manning.

Controller of the National Pandemic Response, David Manning, made these remarks during a press briefing at Morauta Haus this afternoon, adding, “we are doing everything possible  to keep our people safe, especially those in the nation’s capital.

“The key to all of this is our defence – and the  best defence is our self-defence.”

“The government can only  do so much, the bureaucracy  can only  do so  much , our good doctors, nurses, our health workers, our front-liners  can only do so much, but at the end of the day, it is up to us individuals , communities ,  to realise that our best defense is  self-defence,” Controller Manning said.

He is appealing to   every  citizen to urgently  practice the health measures of wearing masks, washing   hands regularly,  social  distancing  and avoid gathering, and most of all, not to be complacent.

Most of those health measures  and protocols  have repeatedly been announced   by Prime Minister, Controller and the Deputy Controller since    the  beginning of  the State of Emergency in March 2020  up until   now.

He however added that the best defence or ways of protecting oneself  from COVID-19 is to continuously  practice  those health  protocols.

“At  the end of the day  you decide  what is  best for you. What we can only do here is provide a responsible response to this COVID-19.”

Mr Manning also expressed his condolences to the families of  the two people who have since passed on.

However, in light of the increasing  cases in Port Moresby, Mr Manning also announced the    11 new  measures  which came into effect on Wednesday 29 July.

They include-: Revocation of the previous Measures; International Travels; Domestic Travels ; Provincial Coordination, Burial of Deceased persons; Customs Duties; COVID-19 Testing; COVID-19 Surveillance & Testing; Business and Social Measures; Mandatory Wearing of Masks; and Public Transport.

These measures can be viewed  in details on the Official Covid-19 website:

Meanwhile,  the  only essential businesses, such as    media houses, post offices, banks, shops and markets, with  essential services such as  water, and electricity  are to be opened during the 14-day shut-down.

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