New measures aimed at responding to COVID-19 says Manning

Thursday 18 June 2020 Controller of the COVID-19 National Control Centre, David Manning,  yesterday issued seven new control measures, aimed at continuing the positive government response to  the Coronavirus Disease. Mr Manning expressed his gratitude to the  National Government for his reappointment as the Controller to manage the COVID-19 new normal after the State of

Controller releases new emergency direction on hotel quarantine

Sunday 14  June 2020 CONTROLLER of the State of Emergency and Police Commissioner, David Manning issued new emergency directions specifically on quarantine protocols for designated hotels. Mr Manning said all designated hotels and persons are to adhere to the quarantine direction and protocols put in place. T The government designated facilities or self-funded facilities are

Management of COVID-19 response will continue under the National Pandemic Act 2020, says Marape

Sunday 14 June 2020 Prime Minister James Marape has assured Papua New Guinea that the management of the COVID-19 response will continue under the National Pandemic Act 2020 when the State of Emergency ends on Tuesday 16 June. Mr Marape was speaking on the COVID-19 Question and Answer Program which will be aired on Wednesday evening