Governor Undialu and wife get SinoPharm vaccine

Hela Governor Hon. Philip Undialu recieving his COVID-19 SinoPharm vaccination

Governor  of Hela province, Hon.Philip Undialu will be the second member of Parliament,  apart from Minister of Forest, Hon. Walter Scounabelt to get SinoPharm soon after Health Department authorised its  roll out.

Governor Undialu said after the vaccination that, he had discussed seriously with his wife about which vaccine to take and finally agreed for SinoPharm vaccine.

 “Covid-19 is real and is here to stay. We just need to learn to live  with it. Disinformation about Covid-19 and vaccines remains big challenge”, Governor Undialu said.

Governor Undialu appealed to the Hela people  to  get vaccinated at  Tari Hospital, to protect themseves, families  and everyone in the community.

“Covid-19 is real and when you get it, you’ll regret. Just like you get babies vaccinated as defence against malaria or polio, Covid-19 vaccines will help provide defence within your body.

“Currently, we do not have defence in our system. Get vaccinated and protect yourself, your family and everyone in the community”, Governor Undialu concluded.

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