Government expresses gratitude to GAVI, UNICEF for delivery of vaccine cold chain equipment

The  Government  is grateful  to GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance , UNICEF  and World Health Organization for the delivery of the much needed   vital equipment that  will be used to support  the country’s cold chain rehabilitation  plan  in   the 22 provinces  in country.

Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Hon. Jelta Wong expressed his gratitude on behalf of government ,  during the handover of  vaccine refrigerators and cold chain equipment to the Department of Health today. “The delivery of this equipment is a huge  step that will  help us elevate the cold chain systems in PNG, so our  vaccines are managed  effectively and efficiently  and are available at the door steps to the people, particularly in rural communities  where power supply  is often unreliable.

“This includes 322 vaccine fridges, 224 which we are taking  delivery of now,  and the remaining 98   that will arrive in July, in addition to the 520 temperature monitoring  devices and sets, that will be  used to rehabilitate the

Minister for Health & HIV/AIDS, Jelta Wong, declares the official handover of the vaccine refrigerators to the Department of Health, as representatives from UNICEF, WHO and Steamships East West Transport witness the ceremony, this afternoon

country’s cold chain system in  the provinces, Mr Wong said. Mr Wong says the government continues to prioritise  investment in the health and development of every child in Papua New Guinea, and ensures they   receive  the    life saving vaccines that will protect them against childhood diseases . “This  cold chain works really well for Papua New Guinea . It will hold the COVID-19 vaccines, as well as other vaccines that we use in Papua New Guinea  for vaccination of children as well as  adults.

“This is a unique  opportunity  that the National Department of Health  will take  lead and ownership in strengthening our routined immunization program  and increase immunization coverage  in PNG.” Mr Wong  further  thanked  GAVI , UNICEF, WHO  and other donors, for their generous support and commitment in making  sure that  the people of PNG  receive timely vaccinations  and quality  immunization services  through effective cold chain  systems.

“ I also  thank  our technical partners  from UNICEF, WHO, for  your continuous effort  in supporting the National

UNICEF technical official explains the storage compartment of the vaccine refrigerator.

Department  Health  by providing technical  support and ensuring that our cold chain systems are maintained. “Without our partners we wouldn’t get  this far,” Mr Wong added. The  handover ceremony was held at  Steamships’  East West Transport premises along Napa Napa road this afternoon. East West Transport  is the logistics partner in the delivery of the cold chain equipment in the country.

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