Government committed to building infrastructure to promote tourism and investment

 Wednesday 15 July 2020

The government is keen on investing in infrastructure like roads and airports to promote investment and enhance service delivery to the districts and provinces.

Prime Minister, James Marape, was speaking in Kavieng, New Ireland Province today, before officially performing the ground breaking to mark the work on the upgrade and redevelopment of the Kavieng Airport to international standards.

The Kavieng Airport Upgrade and Redevelopment Project, funded by the Asian Development Bank’s CADIP program is expected to be completed in July 2022 at the estimated  cost  of K91.8 million.

“The Government of Marape Steven is making sure, unlike before, developments must now go to provinces”

He emphasised that airports are not just a services to the people, but economic investments for more money and businesses to grow and come on board.

“When it comes to autonomy for provinces we are looking at actual powers to empower our provinces to be economic independent rather than lip services

“We are looking at a hybrid or step-by-step autonomy to ensure you raise revenue for your province as  stated under the  Organic Law of the Integrity of Political Parties (OLIPPAC) law on Provincial and Local Level Government (PLGA).

“That is what this government is here for and came here with Government Ministers to talk and discuss more issues today with your New Ireland Provincial Government”

The Prime Minister also reiterated that contractor should be proactive and indulge in local content and creating local employers.

“Due to COVID 19 protocols, am now asking the company (CRCE) to consider this so we do not delay construction but rather empower our people.

“Your plans on autonomy could be rendered useless if you don’t get your people and local economy involved in revenue-generating activities, like tourism.

“It is the government’s hope and desire for economic activity in districts to grow. Our Government will do the hard yards to make sure produce in the land and sea are sold at a better price through Price Stabilization.

“We must all go back to land and sea. Such infrastructure enables better transportations, exports and economic growth.”

The Government will now negotiate the second phase of CADIP Program with ADB Bank, the current ADB Funded begun in 2009 was under the Somare Government that saw 22 provincial airports upgraded to meet international civil aviation compliance in both safety and security standards.

The Marape Steven Government will negotiate the next phase to continue the intended objective of establishing sustainable civil aviation network but more so into the remote districts that will support economic growth and development of Papua New Guinea.

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