Government Commits to Protecting PNG Borders and Citizens

Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape, says   government is committed to policing PNG’s borders and protecting citizens during the State of Emergency’s coronavirus disease (covid-19) preparedness and response.

At the media briefing on Monday 20 April, 2020,, Mr Marape said control measures have been put in place to protect the country from the spread of covid-19 at strategic points,    such as Jackson’s International
Airport, and the    declared sea ports of entry, Port Moresby’s Motukea , Lae Port, Port of Madang, and Rabaul Port. He added that all land borders are still on lockdown, with PNG Defence Force and Police patrolling the areas. Meanwhile, Mr Marape urged every Papua New Guinean to minimize their movements and remain in one location.

He further reminded them to adapt to living with the presence of   covid-19 , that is likely to be around   for the balance of this year and extend into the next year. “As I have always stated, one person can spread the virus to another person, and if we are not careful, the virus can easily spread to our villages, towns and cities. “This is the reason why we imposed the   State of Emergency and one control point in the country, to better control the spread of covid-19 and to impress on every citizen that this is the life style we must live, with corona” Mr Marape repeatedly emphasized the need for people to stay home and isolate themselves and not to move around, as  the best way to stop the spread of the virus. “Our country’s strategy in as far as control the spread of corona or stop corona, has been and will remain the strategy of isolation: that is our defensive strategy to stop the spread.”

Meantime, Mr Marape extended his gratitude on behalf of the citizens , to all the dedicated front-line health workers, doctors, health extension officers , the Police, Defence, staff of the PNG Institute of Medical Research, volunteers and public servants , who have committed themselves in   stopping coronavirus from spreading in the country, during these trying times. He further paid tribute to the Friends of PNG, the World Health Organization, and bilateral partners for their continued financial assistance and support in ensuring that the government deals with this threat responsibly.


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