G-G appeals to citizens to live in peace and harmony

Friday 24  July 2020

Governor-General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae, has appealed to all Papua New Guineans to uphold and restore discipline and Christian and ethical values and to live together in peace and harmony.

Grand Chief Sir Bob made these remarks when commemorating Papua New Guinea’s  39th Remembrance Day on the National Broadcasting Corporation’s live telecast to the  nation yesterday, Thursday 23 July 2020, at Government House .

Sir Bob paid homage to the many unsung, brave heroes and servicemen, especially the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, who sacrificed their lives to defend the Freedom that every Papua  New Guinean enjoys today.

“These Freedoms  are enshrined in our National Constitution and we must always uphold them.

“Theirs was the ultimate sacrifice that is befitting and appropriate for the theme of this year’s Remembrance Day – “Their Legacy, Our Inspiration.”

“We must continue to remember and carry on their legacy for a peaceful and better future together,” Sir Bob said .

He however  made this   appeal in light of the current breakdown and continued lawlessness and blatant abuse of the FREEDOM, which  he said   was   taken for granted and not  honoured.

The frequent abuses evident in the society include: gender-based violence of women and girls and domestic violence; ongoing ethnic violence in major urban and rural areas; disrespect for one another as well as for State and private properties; unlawful land-grabbing of traditional land; serious crimes committed against citizens and official and institutional corruption.

Sir Bob urged all citizens and institutions of State to rise up and be proactive in addressing those issues.

“ A just, secure and safe society provides a conducive  environment  for business, trade and investment and builds investor  confidence  to complement government efforts to develop and grow the economy.”

Grand Chief Sir Bob further appealed to every citizen to respect and adhere to the established rule  of law and denounce all forms of violence in the society.

“ A society that is free of crime and violence  can be realised if each and every one of us plays our part in actively promoting unity, peace and goodwill within our homes and communities.”

Governor-General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae, during his 39th Remembrance Day commemoration address on National Broadcasting Corporation live telecast on Thursday 23 July, 2020,at Government House.

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