Dr Daoni urges citizens to get tested , vaccinated

Friday 10 December 2021

Deputy Controller  of the National Pandemic Response, Dr Esorom Daoni, has expressed concern  over the low vaccination  coverage in the country.

The current national level   of vaccine coverage is 11 percent, which is short of   reaching  the country’s  target of 20 percent (or 1.8 million people) in 2021.

 In his virtual  media briefing yesterday (9 December)  Dr Daoni has again pleaded with citizens to get tested and vaccinated.

“ We need to increase our testing to prevent infecting others,” he urged.

The number of  COVID-19 tests conducted   during the reporting period ,  is 264,135.

In the meantime, the total number of  vaccine doses administered as of 2 December 2021, is 370,401,while 279,220 persons have at least received one dose, where as 211,421 people have been double-dosed.

“Vaccination coverage is low and we need to do more. Our focus is on frontline workers.”

The total number of  health workers who have at least received one dose is 14,380  whilst 8,999 have been fully vaccinated, as of 7 December 2021.

The other  focused groups of people for vaccine coverage, are  the 45 years and above, of which 89,779 have at least received one dose and 71,433 are fully vaccinated,, while Persons with Comorbidity  had  6575  people receive at least one dose with 4706   having  doubled -dose.

Dr Daoni  added the approved vaccines in the country are, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson and Sinopharm.

Meanwhile, plans are underway to bring in 300,000 of medicines, Molnuparivir from MERK at the cost of USD 750 per dose and Paxlovid, from Pfizer which costs USD 530  per dose.

The  Department of Health and the National Control Centre  are working with the United Nations to  bring in the medicines by early 2022.

Dr Daoni  emphasised that , due to high vaccine hesitancy ,the medicines will only  be administered to  persons who have tested positive for coronavirus.

Dr Daoni  further added that PNG will not be closing its borders amidst  the spread of Omicron variant  in 40 countries, adding, “we need to be vigilant and not to panic.”

“Most  importantly, we need to practice  the  New Normal and increase testing.”

Deputy Controller  of the National Pandemic Response, Dr Esorom Daoni.

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