Dr Daoni gives updates on COVID-19 pandemic in the country

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Deputy Controller of the National Pandemic  Response, Dr Esorom Daoni, today  highlighted   statistics on the COVID-19 Delta variant, during a  virtual media conference.

*PNG has now 12 confirmed cases of Delta Variant of COVID-19, the latest are 3 males from Western Province.

National Control Centre will be sending a team to Western Province as they did with Madang last week to help with contact tracing and give technical advice and guidance on how to respond on the ground.

*Testing in PNG has reduced since March it is difficult to know how widespread is the transmission of Delta Variant.”

Dr Daoni says an instruction has been given for all health facilities to test cases of Influenza-like illnesses (ILI), Severe Acute Respiratory Illnesses (SARI) and Suspected cases of COVID-19, but not all health facilities are adhering to this instruction.

He says, “If you have a low level of testing, and have a high uptake of detection of positive cases ( at the moment it’s 12% ) and you have a large pool of unvaccinated people , that is recipe for major spread of the Delta Variant.”

He added,  there is anecdotal evidence from Madang’s Modilon Hospital of increasing number of deaths of unknown causes and also at the Port Moresby General hospital.

A circular  was sent to PMGH to swab all corpses with unknown causes of death and those with respiratory illnesses.

(source: Health Promotion NDOH)

Deputy Controller of the National Pandemic  Response, Dr Esorom Daoni, during the virtual media briefing at the National Control Centre.
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