Deputy Controller & Acting Secretary for Health, Dr Paison Dakulala Statement


Press Briefing on COVID-19   Monday 27 April 2020: Morauta Haus

  • As of today, statistics show that the world has confirmed 2, 804, 796 confirmed cases
  • And recorded 193, 710 deaths
  • The pandemic has reached 213 countries including Papua New Guinea

and other western pacific countries of Australia, Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand, Guam, French Polynesia, and Northern Mariana Islands.

  • Our closest neighbour, Indonesia, a month ago recorded just 1, 500 cases, and 102 deaths, a month later they have now recorded 8, 832 cases and 743 deaths.
  • Out of the 141 confirmed cases, six deaths are from West Papua. however, it is believed that the actual cases mainly in the tens of thousands are under reported   due to low levels of testing.
  • All other Pacific countries like, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tonga remain covid19 free.
  • In regards to the update of covid-19 in Papua New Guinea to date, total samples taken from persons of interests has been 2, 3922; total samples tested 1, 455; total samples tested negative, 1, 447.
  • Total confirmed cases from testing, 8; total confirmed cases who had since recovered, 4; total samples collected and yet to be tested , 749.
  • We continue to carry out contact tracing of persons of interests of the 7 cases in East New Britain. Western province , National Capital District and Eastern Highlands.
  • As of today, we have identified and collected 745 contacts of the National Capital District case.
  • In addition we have collected 584 samples of two confirmed cases in East New Britain and 246 in Western Province.
  • The surveillance team in Goroka and Lae, we have started contact tracing for the Goroka case and have identified 36 contacts so far. These contacts include 17 Asaro Health staff and family members in Goroka. The team in Goroka have also identified the family of the case who resides in Lae, and a further contact tracing has started in Bulolo, where the Eastern Highlands case had spent some time before returning to Goroka . All samples of the Asaro health staff have returned negative while samples from the family members are pending results.
  • Our target samplings at the Western border is continuing as we identify and monitor border crossers .As of today , we have collected 293 samples . we are aware of the challenges in these trying times and have worked with all government agencies to ensure that we resolve issues in the best interest of our people and our economy.
  • The confirmed cases are well and recovering as our controller had alluded to.
  • We all have our role to play in stopping covid19 .
  • Help us protect those who are most vulnerable and at risk.

Please Stop Stigma and Discrimination   towards people with COVID-19 .

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