Curfew hours in Port Moresby relaxed

Saturday 05 September 2020

COVID-19 National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning has relaxed curfew hours in the National Capital District to begin from 12.01am to 5am daily,, effective from 3  September 2020.

National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning

This change is from the previous 10 pm to 5 am curfew hours.

Mr Manning also announced that licensed premises that sell take-away alcohol will  continue to sell alcohol from Monday to Friday while the  liquor ban  remains on Saturday and Sunday.

The relaxed hours is an effort by the National Control Centre in continuing effort to bring normalcy in the country as health and medical officials maintain observation and surveillance on COVID-19.

“While many have noted that police have not strictly regulated the curfew hours, I must warn that police are on alert and observing movement of people and will swiftly move to implement measures if seen to be seriously compromised.

“We are aware that this is a health and medical situation and as such our actions will be in accordance with our response plan, however the public must not think they can roam around freely and think there is no curfew.

“As I have stated,  we want the country to live as normal as possible but adhere to the protocols laid down by the Health Department,” Mr Manning said.

Meanwhile, the Domestic Travel COVID-19 rules remain effective,

He said all domestic flights must ensure hygiene and social distancing, passengers must complete a Health Department form on arrival, passengers must have valid reason to travel and that is for students returning to their place of residence or their place of education, for essential services and business, for medical assistance and medivac and emergency transport

Mr Manning said  important amongst this is that no roadblocks are to be set up by any person including authorized officers except for those directed by the Controller.

Mr Manning reminded citizens  that COVID-19 is in the country and urged them  to  observe the protocols of safe distancing, washing and sanitizing hands regularly, wearing of masks in public places, avoid crowding and remain hygienic.


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