Controller: Wearing face masks is mandatory

National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning (right) during today’s COVID-19 update press briefing with Health Secretary Dr Osborne Liko (photo credit: PM’s Media Unit)

Controller of the National Pandemic Response, David Manning, has  commended the business community for imposing the strict no-mask-no-entry policy in  shops, restaurants and other businesses.

He however expressed concern  that government  offices around the country  were not following suit, and  reminded public servants and departmental heads that masks are mandatory to gain access to public offices and public facilities .

Mr Manning  made these remarks during a press briefing on COVID-19 this afternoon at Morauta Haus, Waigani, adding that departments who fail to comply will be penalised in accordance with the new measures that were recently announced. The military  is currently involved in ensuring that  large crowds are dispersed around the city. Meantime, Mr Manning also  praised  the public   for making  extra  efforts  to wearing  masks.

“Again I want our people to take personal responsibility for  your  safety and your actions. “Our aim is to minimize  inter provincial travels and this has  been met with a bit of resistance, but I am convinced we will meet our objectives in curtailing the transmission.” Mr. Manning added that  with the current surge in  COVID-19 cases, “we endeavor to look at our domestic measures as well as our international travels, both arrivals and departures with a view to restricting movements across the borders.”



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