Controller Manning revokes all previous COVID-19 measures

Thursday 30 March 2023

Police Commissioner and Controller of the PNG’s National Pandemic Response, Mr David Manning, today (30 March 2023) revoked all existing COVID-19 measures and replaced them with four new measures.

Mr Manning said these four new measures minimize limitations, whilst supporting the role of the Controller as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 environment.

Measure 1 revokes all previous measures and directions – This provides a new foundation and prosperity for the new measures. It cancels all previous measures, including anything related to provincial control bodies, travel, price measures, social gatherings, and liquor restrictions.

Measure 2 is new and designed to ensure continued situational awareness. It provides the Controller with oversight in surges of COVID-19 presentations in larger hospitals and medical facilities.

Measure 3 relates to Customs Duties. This enables the Controller advice and control on continuing ad-hoc COVID-19 resource procurement activities, as it remains relevant.

Measure 4 relates to Price Controls. This dictates market price control parameters and anything over and above this measure must be approved by the PNG Independent Consumer & Competition Commission (lCCC).

Liquor related sales are now restored to pre-COVID restrictions, thus allowing the return of take-away liquor sales on Fridays and Saturdays.

“We have all had to adapt to changes and challenges brought on by this global COVID-19 pandemic.

 “As the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Commissioner and Controller for the National Control Centre for COVID-19, l thank you for contributing towards a safer PNG,” Mr Manning added.

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