Controller Manning issues new pandemic measure 12 on suspension of Torres Strait traditional border crossing

Thursday 5 May 2022

Commissioner of Police and Controller of the PNG National Pandemic Response David Manning issued a new Measure No.12 under the National Pandemic Act 2020 on the suspension of Torres Strait traditional border crossing.

Under the new Measure No 12:

1. The traditional border crossing arrangements established under the Torres Strait Treaty are hereby suspended and there is a prohibition on the travel of any persons between Australia and Papua New Guinea using the traditional border crossing.

2. For the purpose of these Measures, a person arriving into PNG on any vessel is taken not to arrive in PNG if the person does not leave the vessel.

3. The Controller, Governor or Provincial Administrator of Western Province may exempt a person from this Measure, at their sole discretion and subject to conditions they impose.

4. A person is exempted from these measures in the event of emergencies, including but not limited to medical emergencies, natural disasters and emergencies at sea.

5. A person that attempts to or does breach paragraph 1, shall be deemed to have committed an offence under the National Pandemic Act 2020.

6. A person that breaches paragraph 1, shall be returned to their original Port of Departure at the cost of the individual.

7. Authorised Officers shall ensure appropriate levels of surveillance and border monitoring systems are in place throughout the country for international travel and in particular at the traditional border crossing areas.

8. These Measures come into effect on 04 May 2022 and shall apply until the end of the Declaration of a Pandemic under the Act, or as varied or revoked by the Controller.

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