Controller Manning issues new pandemic measure 11 on price controls

Monday 9  May 2022

Commissioner of  Police and Controller of the PNG National Pandemic Response David Manning issued a new Measure No.11 under the National Pandemic Act 2020 on Price Controls.

Under the new Measure No 11:

1. Subject to Paragraph 3, businesses shall not, at wholesale or retail, increase the prices of goods listed in Schedule 1 in excess of 10% from the date of this Measure.

2. Subject to Paragraph 3, businesses shall not increase the prices of services listed in Schedule 2, in excess of 10% from the date of this Measure.

3. A business that increases prices in excess of what is allowed under Paragraph 1 for goods or Paragraph 2 for services, commits an offence, unless:

a) prior approval of the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) has been obtained; or

b) the business can demonstrate that the price increase:

(i) does not reflect the taking of an unfair advantage of a consumer; and

(ii) does not unconscionably exceed the price at which the good or service was offered for sale prior to this Measure coming into effect; and

(iii) does not exceed the price at which the same or similar good, or same or similar service were readily available in PNG from other competing businesses; or

c) The business can demonstrate that the price increase reasonably reflects additional costs, not within the control of that business, that was paid, incurred, or reflects additional risks taken to produce, distribute, obtain, or sell the relevant good or service under the circumstances attributable to local, national or international market conditions.

4. A business that commits an offence under Paragraph 1 or Paragraph 2, is liable for a fine not exceeding K10,000.00.

5. This Measure shall be in force for a period of 90 days but may be renewed at the Direction of the Controller for such consecutive periods, each not exceeding 90 days as the Controller deems appropriate.

6. Any Authorised Officer(s) appointed by the Controller pursuant to the National Pandemic Act may carry out and enforce this measure accordingly.

(Measure No 11 can be viewed in details on this official covid19 website)

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