Controller Manning Issues 11 Emergency Orders to Assist Government Response to COVID-19

The Controller of the State of Emergency and Commissioner of Police David Manning has issued 11 Emergency orders to date to assist the PNG government contain the spread of COVID-19.

Following the revelation of a second COVID-19 patient in East New Britain Province Emergency Order one regarding international and domestic travel had to be rescinded and Emergency Order 7 issued to help government response to COVID-19.

Yesterday Prime Minister James Marape revealed that a 40 year old female who developed cough on 23 March and was admitted to the Nonga Hospital isolation ward three days later and treated for severe respiratory illness. She recovered and was sent home. Her tests came back positive and the standard Health response protocols were initiated. She was isolated and quarantined.

A COVID-19 Rapid Response Team and a team of medical experts were deployed to the province to deal with contact tracing, isolation and treatment.

As a result of the discovery of the second patient , the Controller has issued directives to:

* Lockdown of the entire East New Britain Province for the next 21 Days.

* Restrict commercial flights and shipping in and out of East New Britain with exception of cargoes and medical/health personnel only.

* Mount road blocks between East and West New Britain Provinces.

To date 11 Emergency Orders have been issued by the Controller and include:

Emergency Orders No. 1: For domestic and international travel was revoked and replaced with Emergency Order No. 7.

For international travels the order:

* Details one airport and four ports for entry into PNG;

* Does not allow any person including PNG citizens and permanent residents to enter PNG unless authorised by the Emergency Controller;

* Suspends traditional border crossing arrangements for travel between Indonesia, Australia the Federated States of Micronesia and Solomon Islands;

* Allows for all PNG citizens and permanent residents returning to PNG by aircraft to be quarantined at a designated facility in Port Moresby at the Government’s cost; and

* Allows for all non-PNG citizens and non-permanent residents returning to PNG by aircraft to be quarantined at a designated hotel in Port Moresby at the individual’s cost.

For domestic travel no roadblocks are to be established by any person except for those directed by the Controller.

For domestic travel to border provinces no persons may travel from or to the Western Province, Sandaun, except those exempted, authorised in writing by the Emergency Controller or in possession of a travel pass issued by the National Operations Centre.

Domestic travel is not allowed to and from provinces with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Domestic flights to and from selected airports are to be authorised by the Controller. And all flights to and from approved airports will meet the following requirements where personal hygiene and social distancing is practiced, passengers must have valid reason to travel and that passenger must complete an Air Passenger Travel Approval Form.

National Emergency Order No. 2: The order outlines the conduct of business operations and socials events in the country for the duration of the SOE. This order provides for the controller or an authorized officer to implement necessary measures to maintain normal business operations and ensure social distance and self-hygiene practices are adhered to by all citizens.

National Emergency Order No. 3: For provincial coordination the order establishes the Provincial Coordination team and appoints all Provincial Administrators as Authorized Officers according to the Emergency Laws. For the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, the Chief Secretary ARB has been appointed as the Authorised Officer under the SOE.

National Emergency Order No. 4: For continuance of public utility services the order directs that all essentials public utility services such as electricity, water, sewerage and garbage, postal services, telecommunications, fire service and motor vehicle licensing to take necessary steps to operate as effectively as possible during the national emergency period.

National Emergency Order No. 5: For the protection of government employee the Controller directs that all government employees continue to be paid during the State of Emergency period.

National Emergency Order No. 6: Gives the dates of effect of Emergency Orders 1-5.

National Emergency Order No. 8: Directs all educational institutions to be closed until 27 April.

National Emergency Order No. 9: For public transportation directs that 25-30 seater public transport vehicles may continue only if passengers are limited to 15. Other smaller public transport vehicles to carry 5 persons less than the allowed capacity and taxis to limit to 2 passengers only.

National Emergency Order No. 10: Directs that no person or venue shall sell liquor for the duration of the National Emergency except for hotels, and restaurant with valid liquor licence, major supermarkets with a valid liquor licence, wholesale with a valid liquor license who may only sell to major supermarkets, hotels, restaurants with valid licence. Further, alcohol sold by any premises exempted may only be consumed on the premises on which it is sold.

National Emergency Order No. 11: Directs that for the purposes of this emergency the Controller or his delegate shall be the only person permitted to buy or procure goods listed in the schedule as restricted goods and include surgical masks and other health equipment/goods essential for the health emergency.

For media contact: Chief Superintendent Dominic D. Kakas, BEM, DPS

Team Leader – COVID-19 Media & Public Information

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