Controller issues Instructions for incoming passengers

Thursday 30 April 2020

                                                                                                                                                       SOE Controller, David Manning

The Controller of State of Emergency, David Manning,  has issued strict  instructions to incoming passengers.

All incoming passengers are now expected to abide by a number of instructions for entry into Papua New Guinea. These include

In flight

    • Sanitizing hands when boarding aircraft;
    • Wear face mask at all times during flight;
    • Will not be served inflight catering;
  • Maintain social distancing;
  • Complete the health declaration form (HDF) and hand over to the flight crew;
  • Sanitise hands when disembarking the aircraft.

Upon arrival

 Wear face mask at all times during flight;

  • Be subjected to first temperature reading using the thermal guns;
  • Be subjected to full body thermal scanning using a thermal camera;
  • If passenger’s temperature reading is below 37.4 degrees Celsius the passenger or aircrew proceeds to hand in the HDF to the National Department of Health (NDoH) /WHO team and proceed down the ramp to the Customs Immigration Quarantine (QIF) processing in the arrival hall.
  • If you have a consistent high temperature of 37.4 degrees Celsius or above after three temperature readings you will be immediately separated and taken to the isolation room for further assessment. The NDoH staff will then make an assessment as to whether to invoke the National Quarantine/Isolation Procedure based on their assessment of you.
  • After you have completed CIQ processing you are to exit (with your baggage) out of the Arrival Hall through the designated exit and out to Airside.
  • There will be designated areas, cordoned off and sign posted for each hotel for the assigned buses for immediate transportation to your quarantine hotel.


  • You will board your hotel bus handling your own luggage and you will be transported to your hotel directly without delay.
  • You will be following reasonable instructions from the driver.
  • There will be no family, friends, colleagues or members of the public permitted in the area.
  • You will not make physical contact with any persons (including drivers) outside of those entering quarantine,
  • The bus windows will stay closed at all times.
  • Face masks will be worn at all times.


  • Upon arrival you will receive your room key and then go directly to your assigned room.
  • You will not make physical contact with any guest of staff member;
  • You will follow all reasonable instructions from hotel staff.
  • You will enter your room, the door will be locked and you will remain within the room for the duration of the 14 days – unless otherwise notified by hotel staff or in the case of an emergency such as a fire.
  • No visitors are allowed into the room.
  • Meals will be delivered to your room, three times per day per the schedule.
  • Meals will be delivered to the door for you to collect.
  • You will not make contact with staff members.
  • There will be a set menu per day and assistance will be provided for any specific dietary requirements.
  • Meals will be served with disposable cutlery and crockery.
  • All room waste will be placed in rubbish bags provided.
  • All waste bags will be retained within the room until a coordinated collection is arranged.
  • Cleaning and housekeeping services will not be provided.
  • Fresh towels, linen and additional amenities will be available upon request, delivered to the door.
  • Room service (food) and other items (books, magazine, alcohol (limits apply) may be purchased through the hotel at the discretion of the hotel at your expense.
  • Alcohol consumption will be moderated.
  • Your health and wellbeing will be monitored throughout the duration of the quarantine period.
  • During your quarantine period you will be tested for COVID-19. A negative result of this test will not affect the duration of your quarantine.
  • Police and/or Correctional Services staff may conduct random compliance testing to ensure the integrity of the quarantine.
  • All breaches of the quarantine protocols will be reported and penalties will apply.
  • A mask and surgical gloves will be provided to you for use only in the case of an emergency evacuation.
  • There shall be no access to any hotel facilities including but not limited to the bars, gym, pools, lounges, etc.
  • should an alarm sound and an evacuation is required contact is to be minimised and social distancing adhered to.
  • Should you become ill or start showing symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, contact the hotel who will contact the medical services who will attend to your location.
  • If you develop COVID-19 like symptoms you must remain in your room.
  • You will not leave your room without the written authority of the Emergency Controller except in the case of an emergency.
  • Any non-compliance with these instructions will be considered a breach of the Controllers Orders.
  • Non-compliance with the order by a non-PNG citizen or non-PNG Permanent Resident shall result in either:
  1. Immediate deportation, the cost of which shall be borne by that person and/or
  2. Legal action taken for the breach of the Controller’s Order.
  • Non-compliance with the order by a PNG citizen or PNG Permanent Resident shall result in prosecution.


For media contact: Chief Superintendent Dominic D. Kakas, BEM, DPS

Team Leader – COVID-19 Media & Public Information

Mobile: 75430557  :Email:


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