Companies urged to maintain workers’ terms and conditions of employment

Wednesday April 22 2020


CONTROLLER of the State of Emergency and Police Commissioner, David Manning has urged private businesses and companies to abide by the State of Emergency orders to maintain salaries and other terms and conditions of their workers in the current State of Emergency.

A report from the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations, on behalf of the Tripartite Parties to Controller Manning,stated that an increasing number of people are raising concerns or are being terminated and laid off or having their pay cut.

The report  further stated that some companies have complied but others are yet to  obey the  State of Emergency directives.

The Department of Labour & Industrial Relations is now investigating and advising the companies to comply.

“Under the State of Emergency,  businesses and companies must not lay off or terminate workers because of the COVID-19 situation,” Mr Manning said.

He said the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations in collaboration with the Employers’ and Workers’ representatives , have set up a team to address workers’, businesses’ and companies’ concerns to maintain business and industrial harmony.

“The Government is working around the clock to address concerns by the business community and  also the concerns of the workforce , and with this difficult situation we all are experiencing with the COVID 19 virus. I will again ask for patience and understanding from all parties to work together to address these issues.

The findings and recommendations from the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations and the Social Partners will   be addressed through the normal government process.

“We are very mindful of the situation faced by business houses and equally are mindful of the situation faced by workers laid off or face the risk of being laid off, and are working with relevant government agencies to address these issues,” the Controller said.


For media contact: Chief Superintendent Dominic D. Kakas, BEM, DPS

Team Leader – COVID-19 Media & Public Information, Joint Agency Task Force Mobile: 75430557 :Email:


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