Government imposes 14 days lock down in the National Capital District amidst increases in COVID-19 cases

Monday 27 July 2020 The Government has imposed a 14-day lockdown in the National Capital District, on recommendations from the National Control Centre to prevent widespread community transmission of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Immediate measures also included those announced recently in regard to the wearing of face masks in markets and other crowded places and

Management of COVID-19 response will continue under the National Pandemic Act 2020, says Marape

Sunday 14 June 2020 Prime Minister James Marape has assured Papua New Guinea that the management of the COVID-19 response will continue under the National Pandemic Act 2020 when the State of Emergency ends on Tuesday 16  June. Mr Marape was speaking on the COVID-19 Question and Answer Program which will be aired on Wednesday

Prime Minister repeatedly urges Papua New Guineans to be sensitive

 Tuesday 19 May 2020 Prime Minister . Hon. James Marape, has repeatedly urged  Papua New Guineans to remain  sensitive , despite  the country’s eight established coronavirus  (covid-19) cases so far. In  his  opening remarks  during  today’s press briefing on the government’s response to covid-19,   Mr Marape  urged every citizen and resident not to be    complacent.

PM announces second COVID-19 case in PNG

[siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_texteditor”][/siteorigin_widget] The  second case is a 40 year old female from the East New Britain Province who developed cough on 23 March and was admitted to the Nonga Hospital isolation ward  on March 28    and treated for severe respiratory illness. The patient has been isolated and quarantined. An additional two persons under investigation from


Approved Release: Sunday, 05th April 2020   By PM’s Media Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP is calling on all government agencies to comply with the Five (5) National Emergency Orders imposed by the Government during this two-month State of Emergency extension on Coronavirus (COVID-19). PM Marape informed of the need to be strategic and targeted when