Amb. Ivan Pomaleu appointed Secretary of PM’s department

Sunday 13 December 2020

The National Executive Council  (NEC) has approved the appointment of    Amb. Ivan Pomaleu,    as  the Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister.

New Secretary for the Department of Prime Minister, Ambassador Ivan Pomaleu.

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, when announcing the decision said  Amb. Pomaleu, a distinguished Papua New Guinean from Manus, who worked as Managing Director of Investment Promotion Authority and Ambassador to APEC,  was appointed by the NEC last week.

Prime Minister Marape said: “Amb. Pomaleu will  be Secretary of the  Prime Minister’s Department under my vision of a flatter public service structure.

“In this structure, department and agency heads report directly and only to their ministers and not to chief secretary as it was over the last 20 years.”

The Secretary, however, will still coordinate Government policies and programmes by maintaining Chairmanship of the Central Agencies Coordination Committee.

“This is part of the my Government’s reform agenda in the public service. We are trying to make Waigani lighter and shift  public services to rural areas, provinces and districts. We want to cut down on too many offices in Central Government.”

Prime Minister Marape meanwhile,  thanked outgoing Chief Secretary Amb. Isaac Lupari for his services to Government.

“As Prime Minister, I pay my respect to outgoing Chief Secretary Amb. Isaac Lupari, who chose not to apply for this new designation. Amb. Lupari will go out as the longest-serving and last Chief Secretary.”


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