All incoming passengers required to undergo 14-day quarantine regardless of country of origin says Manning

Controller of the PNG COVID-19 National Pandemic Response David Manning has clarified that all incoming passengers will be required to do a 14-day quarantine regardless of the country from which they originally travelled from.

This is for all passengers who were approved to enter PNG from the 15th of January onwards.

Mr Manning made this clarification following misunderstandings which seem to have given rise to different requirements being sent out by airline operators.

However, the Controller can grant exemptions to this requirement, both for persons approved to enter PNG before and after 15 January.

Mr Manning said he expects the airlines to respect this directive and comply with it.

Further Mr Manning has directed that, “Unless provided an exemption in writing people will be required upon arrival to have a tracking app put on their smartphones if going into a hotel quarantine or another location not designated in the measures. This is a requirement a person must meet upon arrival and not before they board an aircraft for PNG.

Mr Manning said if a moratorium is to be put in place as per Measure 2.25 due to advice from the Secretary of the National Department of Health regarding heightened risks certain regions or countries present, the Direction will be published online with the list of countries and other relevant details.

Memo to airline operators attached.

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